Q. How much space do you need for the photo booth? 
A. We will need minimum 8ft x 8ft worth of space. ​


Q. How long does it take to set up?
A. We will arrive approximately 2 hour prior to event start time.


Q. Do you offer unlimited prints? 
A. Yes! We offer unlimited prints with all of our packages.


Q. Why does the unlimited print option have a 500 guest limit?
A. Photo paper is very expensive, when we offer unlimited prints its only fair that a group of 1000 guests would have a different price than 100.

Q. What type of prints do you offer?

A. We offer 4 x 6 and 4 x 2 prints with all our packages,

Q. How long does each print out take?

A. Each photo prints in about 10 seconds

Q. Can you accommodate outdoor events?

A. Due to light restrictions, the screen might looks dim in outdoors conditions


Q. Will an attendant be present at the booth?

A. Yes, 1 or 2 of our  friendly and experienced attendants will be present to assist guests and help create your memory book.

Q. Are we limited to the amount of times we can go up and take a picture?

​A.  You and your guests can go as many times as you want with any of our packages email photo sharing is available upon request!

Q.What happens if the booth has technical problems during party?
A. Our attendants trained in how to trouble shoot the Gala Mirror Photo booth, there was a reason we went with a commercial grade mirror from a reputable company who provides 24 hour support! 


Q. What is Idle time?

A. We need to setup before event starts to ensure we are not setting up in the middle of an event and in some cases venues require us to sign a contract saying we are not allowed to clean up until event ends! in this case instead of paying for additional hours we will only charge $50.00 for each hour requiring us to be operational but not open (Set up is not considered idle time or regular time).


 Q. Do I have to pay in full up front?

A. No, we understand that is asking a lot and we do offer 50% deposit down and remaining  balance 60 days before event, However our booking software does not allow for partial payments. Because of this we created a work around. Our process will allow you to check out and reserve your date with a $0.00 balance. Within the next 24hours following the confirmation you will receive an invoice via PayPal. The 50% Invoice deposit must be paid in order for your reservation to be final.


 Q. What is your refund policy?

A. Once you sign and return the contract that is sent to you after booking there is a non refundable $200.00. The remainder of the amount will be refunded as long as rental is canceled 60 days prior to the event.


Q. Why is $200.00 non refundable?

A. This $200.00 secures the event date, time slot, scheduling of attendants and setup options. 

Q. What is the attire of the attendants?

A. Our Attendants will represent Gala Mirror Photo Booth wearing a company t-shirt.

Q. Is Gala Mirror Photo Booth  insured?

A. Yes! Although we hope we never need it. But just in case we are prepared!

Q. Does Gala Mirror Photo Booth have clearance to work with children?

A. Yes! all staff members have Criminal and Background clearances!


Frequently Asked Questions